Oil Saves New England

…Oil Saves New England… During the coldest days this past January, the New England grid was on the brink of disaster, and only pre-planning by ISO-NE, with emergency actions by the Coast Guard and luck kept the lights on. The Continue reading Oil Saves New England

North Korean Oil From F-T

…North Korean Oil From F-T… A UN oil embargo on North Korea may have very little effect on its development of ICBMs and nuclear warheads. North Korea can avoid the effects of any oil embargo by producing diesel oil from Continue reading North Korean Oil From F-T

What next for shale?

“In August 2015, Saudi Arabia declared war on shale oil development in the United States.” “In October 2016, Saudi Arabia capitulated.” Quote from, Saudi Arabia Capitulates. This has now been confirmed by an agreement among OPEC producers to cut production Continue reading What next for shale?

Is The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Necessary?

Recent media stories have claimed the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) is no longer necessary, or that oil from the reserve could be sold to offset the budget deficit. With this in mind, it’s important to evaluate exactly what the SPR is capable Continue reading Is The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Necessary?

Collision of Mileage Regulations and Technology

Fleet mileage targets for 2022 – 2025 model years must be reviewed in 2018 before they can become final. They were initially augural, i.e., best estimates, when the joint EPA/NHTSA 2017 – 2025 national program was established. The standards were Continue reading Collision of Mileage Regulations and Technology

How To Harm Americans

Millions of Americans must drive their cars to work every day. Millions must also drive their cars to the store, to the dry cleaners and to church. The low price of oil and the concurrent low price of gasoline has Continue reading How To Harm Americans