New Concentrating Solar Power Plant

The newly installed Crescent Dunes CSP plant near Tonopah, Nevada, is an important improvement over the ill-fated Ivanpah CSP plant. The Crescent Dunes and Ivanpah Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants use mirrors to focus the sun’s rays onto a heat Continue reading New Concentrating Solar Power Plant

Coal Has a Future

In spite of the media’s constant harangue over the dangers of using coal and this administration’s war on coal, the future of coal isn’t as black as one might think. While most coal is used for power generation, a significant Continue reading Coal Has a Future

Wind Power, Eating the Seed Corn

In the past, farmers had to save enough corn from the current year’s crop to provide the seed for next year’s crop. Today, large companies, such as Monsanto, produce the seed corn that’s sold to farmers for each new crop. Continue reading Wind Power, Eating the Seed Corn

VP Biden in Europe Supports Fracking

Speaking in Stockholm, Vice President Biden warned Europe against the proposed Nord Stream-2 pipeline that would bring more Russian gas to Germany. The existing 745-mile long underwater Nord Stream Pipeline, under the Baltic, brings large quantities of Russian natural gas Continue reading VP Biden in Europe Supports Fracking

Wall Street Journal Drinks Kool-Aid

An article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) misleads readers into thinking wind provides cheap electricity. Texas is an ideal location for the use of wind and solar for generating electricity, perhaps one of the best areas in the country. Continue reading Wall Street Journal Drinks Kool-Aid

Boring, But Important LCOEs

Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) is what excites engineers and economists, and bores most other people, but can have profound effects on Americans. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) publishes LCOEs for various methods of generating electricity, such as for coal Continue reading Boring, But Important LCOEs