Prosperity is Linked to Energy

…Prosperity is Linked to Energy… The accompanying graph shows how gross domestic product (GDP), an accepted measurement of economic prosperity, is tied to the use of energy. The greater the use of energy, the greater the GDP. As shown in Continue reading Prosperity is Linked to Energy

Climate Change and Socialism

…Climate Change and Socialism… The year 2019 is likely to see an effort to promote socialism and its related tenets.  With that in mind it’s worth: Recounting the history of socialism How global warming, i.e., climate change, is being used Continue reading Climate Change and Socialism

The 1.5 degree Objective

…The 1.5 degree Objective… There’s a great deal of media attention being given to the IPCC’s latest report and the idea that we should keep temperature rise below 1.5 degrees. Let’s step back to the year 1870, and assume that Continue reading The 1.5 degree Objective

Fossil Fuels: Villain or Hero?

…Fossil Fuels: Villain or Hero?… The media and supporters of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) and climate change have gone on record saying we must eliminate the use of fossil fuels.  They yell: “Keep it in the Ground.” Promoters of AGW Continue reading Fossil Fuels: Villain or Hero?

France’s Carbon Tax Riots

…France’s Carbon Tax Riots… The media has reported on the riots in France as a protest against higher gasoline taxes … which they were. But generally, the media failed to mention that the higher gasoline taxes were an effort to Continue reading France’s Carbon Tax Riots

Hurricane History Phony Myth

…Hurricane History Phony Myth… Radical environmentalists continue to claim that CO2 emissions cause climate change and bring more severe storms. Every year, the facts prove them wrong. Storms are not getting more severe or more frequent. It’s unfortunate but true: Continue reading Hurricane History Phony Myth