Storage with Baseload Power

…Storage with Baseload Power… Howard Hayden, Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Connecticut, recently published an article in The Energy Advocate analyzing the use of storage with various power generation alternatives, i.e., wind, solar, nuclear, coal and natural gas combined Continue reading Storage with Baseload Power

Lawsuits to Force Climate Regulations on US

…Lawsuits to Force Climate Regulations on US… New York State’s Attorney General has generated headlines with his lawsuit against Exxon-Mobile. But the real action is now just emerging as environmental extremists begin to use the courts to force their view Continue reading Lawsuits to Force Climate Regulations on US

German GHG and Renewables Update

…German GHG and Renewables Update… Germany’s energiewende program has been touted as an example for all to follow in efforts to cut CO2 emissions. This begs the question: What have been the results of energiewende in the power sector? Specifically, Continue reading German GHG and Renewables Update

A Glimpse at Fake Energy News

…A Glimpse at Fake Energy News… The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) represented the gold standard for truth and accuracy. Unfortunately, it has joined the many publications that have allowed journalistic standards to erode. Twice over the past three months, the Continue reading A Glimpse at Fake Energy News

Understanding Microgrids

…Understanding Microgrids… Hurricanes have severely damaged transmission and distribution lines and caused millions of people to go without electricity for days. Hurricane Maria wiped out the transmission and distribution lines in Puerto Rico. Superstorm Sandy did the same in New Continue reading Understanding Microgrids