…Obfuscation… Obfuscation can be defined as: “When someone presents an argument containing unnecessarily complex language that confuses or deceives.” We are now confronting obfuscation when it comes to understanding or evaluating the generation and use of electricity. The Energy Information Continue reading Obfuscation

Dumping Is Bad

…Dumping Is Bad… Considerable media attention has been given to tariffs, and the dumping of steel at below cost. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published the accompanying chart showing steel production and steel imports by country. In its article, the Continue reading Dumping Is Bad

The Truth About Coal, China, and Smog

…The Truth About Coal, China, and Smog… Environmental extremists, especially those wedded to the CO2 hypothesis for global warming, have repeatedly reported on China’s smog and how coal-fired power plants were to blame. An expert on China, Xizhou Zhou, at Continue reading The Truth About Coal, China, and Smog

EIA Distorts Energy Forecasts, Part 2

…EIA Distorts Energy Forecasts, Part 2… The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is providing misinformation to Americans in support of cutting CO2 emissions and promoting renewables. The following is another example of how the EIA is making unsubstantiated, misleading claims. In Continue reading EIA Distorts Energy Forecasts, Part 2

EIA Distorts Energy Forecasts, Part 1

…EIA Distorts Energy Forecasts, Part 1… What’s happening at the Energy Information Administration (EIA)? Are holdovers from the last administration producing reports that undermine this administration’s energy policies? The EIA has just issued its latest Annual Energy Outlook, AEO 2018, Continue reading EIA Distorts Energy Forecasts, Part 1

Living on the Edge

…Living on the Edge… With all the media attention given to the benefits of wind and solar and the negative aspects of fossil fuels, it’s worth examining what’s happening in countries that have invested heavily in wind and solar. There Continue reading Living on the Edge